INT D 318 Student Videos

In 2014, eleven of the students enrolled in Technologies for Endangered Language Documentation (instructor Andrea Berez) kindly gave us permission to share these bilingual videos. Each student is talking about their experience at the 2014 CILLDI summer program. 

Bella Bresse (Northern Tutchone)

Ellison Bruised Head (Tsuut'ina)

Sarah Buffalo (Cree)

Dennis Drygeese (Dëne Sų́łıné)

Amy Ekins (Northern Tutchone)

Mercedes Kent (Cree)

Bernadette Landry (South Slavey)

Bridget Machatis (Dëne Sų́łıné)

Marie Rose Mantla (Tlicho)

Darlene McGinty (Northern Tutchone)

Nora Wedzin (Tlicho)